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Mark Zablotsky resides in Gold River, CA. He is a dentist who specializes in Periodontics. Mark has always enjoyed 35mm photography, and now in the digital age has enjoyed this hobby even more to the point that he now photographs on a part-time professional basis. And one day, when he leaves the field of dentistry (more likely go to part-time dentistry), plans to make the transition to full-time photography as his new career. He maintains professional gallery space in Folsom California, and has had his photographs in many gallery shows, and has won numerous prizes with financial awards. He leads photographic trips, which in the last 2 years included: Eastern Africa, Yosemite, Grand Canyon & Yellowstone National Parks, the Iditerod in Alaska, and the Eastern Sierras to name a few. In addition, last year he led two trips to the Grand Canyon on week long rafting trips down the Colorado River through the Canyon. Mark's photographic interests include: landscape and wildlife photography predominately, but also enjoys photographing sports, concerts, theatre, dance, and street photography (just returned from Cuba in April, and will be going to Greece in September). Mark is a graduate of The Ohio State University for his BS in Zoology and for his dental degree, and The Louisiana State University's School of Dentistry for his periodontal training. He loves returning to Columbus to support his Buckeyes, and enjoys attending concerts and music festivals. For questions contact Mark at


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